Platinum is a rare metal used in industries to make jewelry. Other industries use it in medical and electronic industries. It is most preferred due to its attractiveness and desirable physical and chemical properties. The metal is mined in Russia, and a more significant percentage is obtained from South Africa. Platinum appears to be silver-white in its natural state.

1.It is a transitional metal

Platinum can bond quickly with other metals being one of the densest elements at 21.45 grams per cubic centimeters. These properties lead to its use as a precious metal

2.It is used in the manufacture of anti-cancer drugs

Due to its low reactivity, the metal is used in the production of anti-cancer drugs. Drugs such as cisplatin are used to treat tumors in animals and human beings.

3.As a dental crowns

Platinum is used within the human body as dental crowns as body fluids cannot corrode it. It has low reactivity to the body.

4.It is used as an international standard to measure kilograms

Platinum alloy and cylindrical hunk are used as an international standard measure of a kilogram. The problem of getting a standard measure of mass lead to scientists developing an international prototype kilogram from platinum as its mass had high precision.

5.It is used as a catalytic converter

Platinum is used in automobiles as a catalytic converter as it reduces toxic gases to less toxic gases. This is because it can withstand high levels of temperature.


Platinum production is reducing over the years, and the situation is expected to remain unchanged in the coming years. Many industries that require the rare metal usually resort to using by-products of other metals to obtain it. It is also worth to note that platinum metal is even more precious to find than gold.